Nester Of The Month

“One of the deep secrets of life is that, all that is really worth doing is what we do for others” 

and our new Nester Of The Month has been widely recognised for her immense kindness and generosity within our Nest and her constant recommendations of our business all over the world wide web! She is a widely recognised personality and we have adored seeing pictures of her beautiful little girl!

Please join us in warmly welcoming our new NOTM...

Muireann Leonard McNulty & Sadhbh!

* Find out more about these gorgeous girls below:

When did you first become a member of our VIP group here at Nurture The Nest? 

I became a member of NTN in June 2018. I was added to the group by my very good friend Michelle Herbu.

Do you remember your first ever purchase and what it was? 

My first ever purchase was the Indi pink romper dress.

How old is/ are your children and what are their names? 

Sadhbh is 14 months old. We also have 2 fur babies - Winston & Luna.

What’s your insta handle? 

My Instagram is @muireannl

What’s your favourite NTN collection piece? 

Impossible to choose! I love the jumpsuits and also the lace back dresses & rompers.

What’s your unicorn NTN piece?

My unicorn piece is the ocean blue Destiny jumpsuit in a size 1.

What are you hoping to learn from this journey? 

I’m looking forward to learning more about what goes on behind the scenes - especially the creative & design process. I’m also hoping to learn more about what the role of brand ambassador entails and to pick up some new photography tips & tricks.

What was your initial reaction to being told you were chosen as NOTM?

I was genuinely so shocked! I was not expecting to be chosen at all but feeling so thrilled, excited and grateful to be offered this special role. I’m beyond excited about the release of our collaboration piece.

What is the best way to phonetically say Sadhbh’s name? 

Sadhbh is pronounced ‘Sigh-v’ or like ‘five’ but with an S! Sadhbh also means sweet/lovely

What is the best way to phonetically say your own name? 

It’s like “Mwir-en” 

How did you come to live in Australia from your Irish home?

We moved to Perth 7 and a half years ago as Ireland was going through an economic recession. We made a plan to stay for 2 years initially but we loved Australia so much we decided to settle here. We became permanent residents last year and will be applying for our citizenship this year.

A very warm welcome to you both, you will be part of our team for the next two months - A small extension to our usual 6 week term which is to make up for my holidays in mid-July. We really look forward to getting to know you better and can't wait to welcome you into our 'inner nest'

Love from Valosh and the entire admin team.

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