Nester Of The Month

 Tick Tock, the time never stops! 

That’s right ladiessssssss.. the time has come to announce our BRAND NEW NOTM! 

This Mama has been with us for nearly 3 years now, and has given such vibrant and positive contribution to our Nest ever since! She is such a wonderful friend to so many, and is widely loved and adored in the Nest 

Please help us by congratulating our girls... 

 J E S S J O H N S & A M E L I A 

Find out more about the girls below! 

When did you first become a member of NTN?
We first joined November 2017

Do you remember your first ever purchase and what it was? 
Our first purchase was 2x Wine Flutters one for Amelia, one for Maddi & a mystery romper for Amelia that is now displayed on one of Amelia’s Teddy bears.

How old is/ are your children and what are their names?  
Ebony is 20, Maddi is 10 & Amelia is 3 

What’s your insta handle? 

What’s your favourite NTN collection piece? 
Oh that's tough, we have been blessed to have had a variety in our collection. Thank you to all of the beautiful Nesters in helping fulfill our unicorns, but one that stands out has to be French Riviera in Blue Seaside Romper 

What’s your unicorn NTN piece?
We have a few of those, but I absolutely adore the Grace style- so my unicorn would be a Molly in Sky Grace Dress. 

What are you hoping to learn from this journey?
I'm hoping to learn everything... from the day to day work, behind the scenes, from choosing the design / fabrics for future releases. I'm always in awe of how “together” NTN runs. We are excited to be mentored by the admin team, from tips & tricks to capturing beautiful photos, I will take it all in.

What was your initial reaction to being told you were chosen as NOTM?
Oh I was very shocked- with a couple of messages back and forth with Valosh!! I ran up to my girls very excited, saying Amelia's been chosen for NOTM- dreams do come true!! Even more exciting is that it's in her birthday month too, so it's going to be extra special! It did take a few days to sink in, but I'm extremely thrilled to share our NOTM journey with you all xx

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