Nester Of The Month

A huge welcome to our very first Nester Of The Month for 2019- Little Charlotte Emma and her gorgeous mum Hayley!

Meet the girls below.. 

When did you first become a member of NtN? 

I think it was the start of October 2016 when i was pregnant with Charlotte- so she has been a nester all her life lol but honestly feels like I've been here forever.

Do you remember your first ever purchase and what it was?  I'm pretty sure it was from a voucher win lol makes sense. It was the Miss Zeta Rose black suspender shorts, Reese pink floral suspender shorts, rose garden shirred sundress and a mystery parcel. I'm still waiting for Charlotte to fit some of these hehe.


How old are your children and what are their names?  

Charlotte is 2 on the 7th of January eeekkk! Oliver is 4 on new year's day and Dylan is 10. 

What’s your insta handle? 


What’s your favourite NtN collection piece? 

Pretty sure that's a trick question as I have a new favourite every week lol but the red Olivia Rae puckers are a stand out for me because they were the first piece Charlotte ever fit in to and still wears now. 

What’s your unicorn NtN piece?

I have a few but the Emily Vintie Fairy mini dress and the Navy Bohemian romper are at the top of the list.

What are you hoping to learn from this journey? I'm hoping to learn anything and everything. I can't wait to see all the magic that happens behind the scenes and get to know the team and nest community more.

What was your initial reaction to being told you were chosen as NOTM? I squeaked with excitement and could not wipe the smile off my face......still smiling like a dork 

Hayley thank you for the countless hours you’ve spent dedicated to our nest, thank you for your beautiful photos, your kindness and generosity and your wonderful loving nature- we are so excited to welcome you to the team and look forward to celebrating with you!