Nester Of The Month

This Nester has been widely recognised by ALL of the rep team for her kindness, generosity, supportive and positive personality! Her beautiful photos have stood out- but her nurturing nature has been what shone the most! She carries herself with such grace and respect in everything she does.

Please join me in welcoming 

Z O E   N O L A N   &   G A B R I E L L A

Find out more about the girls below.. 

When did you first become a member of NTN? 

I had admired all the pretties on the website, especially the Tulle bloomers (that's what caught my eye originally) while I was pregnant but we were on a strict "need only" budget having just sold our business, so I didn't buy (and join the VIP group) until early June 2018, when Gabbi was around 6 weeks old (thanks paid parental leave!).


Do you remember your first ever purchase and what it was? 

Yes! Tulle bloomers (ballet pink), Amelia romper (sherbet pink), Indi romper dress (pink), Willow romper (white) and a long sleeve plain flutter romper (pink).

I still remember opening my order, that scent, the personal touches... and how sweet Valosh was when I immediately asked her when the lavender rompers would be restocked, haha! I had a lot to learn about #slowfashion!

How old is/ are your children and what are their names?  

Isaac is 11, Maxwell just turned 4, Gabriella is 17 months, and my older (20-30 years old) steppies are Kimberly, Francesca, David and Blair, along with son-in-law's, Daniel and Sully. 

What’s your insta handle? 

Mine is @zoebnolan

Gabbi's is @sweet.gabriella.kate

What’s your favourite NTN collection piece? 

Hardest question, ever. 

Possibly the Lavender tulle bloomers. Lavender Broderie flutter romper... Lavender lace flutter? Elizabeth vervain puckers... or the April jumpsuit, Indiana lace back romper, Frankie rose gold romper dress... the newest lavender family member -Amari! Then there's the beauties we haven't grown into yet! Amanda suspender skirt and Pink Indiana Charlotte Emma. I'm sorry. That's more than one... HA!

What’s your unicorn NTN piece?

Eloise lace back romper, Millie Pucker romper and the recently discovered Emily Vintie Fairy dress (in pink). 

What are you hoping to learn from this journey? 

I'm super excited to get to know the team better and see more of what happens behind the scenes, I'm sure lots goes into each piece way before it hits our doorsteps!

What was your initial reaction to being told you were chosen as NOTM?

Lots of squealing, jumping and maybe a few sneaky tears of joy.

Zoe, we are so excited to join you on this journey!!

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