Nester Of The Month

Jingle bells are not the only thing ringing this week!

It’s that old familiar sound of warning bells- because it’s time for our NEW NOTM to be announced!

Who could it be, will you hazard a guess?

Of course it is another mama who has ABSOLUTELY shone over the last few months, for her generosity, her kind, caring, loving, giving and virtuous nature- her genuine love of our brand and the overwhelming support she shows other Nesters!

Drum roll please.. 

Welcome to the team Merindah Evans and her darling little Nester Arianna!

Merindah we are soooooo super excited to work with you over the coming few weeks!

Thank you so much for accepting this role and we can’t wait to see your magical collaboration piece!

Find out more about our new NOTM below:

Merindah; when did you first become a member of NtN? 

In November 2015- but unfortunately I lost touch as I was very rarely on Facebook for a while but thankfully found the group again earlier this year and I am so glad I did. I love being a part of this great community of amazing kind, caring and generous ladies.

Do you remember your first ever purchase and what it was? 

Yes it was the Peach Tulle Bloomers, Evelyn Ruffle Bloomers and Dusty Rose Bouquet Suspender Shorts.

How old is/ are your children and what are their names? 

Arianna my little nester is 3 but will be 4 at the end of this month, Noah is 9, Madison is 12 and Brock is 16.

What’s your instagram handle?

What’s your favourite NtN collection piece? 

It’s very hard to pick a favourite NtN piece as they are all amazing, I definitely have a soft spot for the suspender skirts and love the Vinty fairy dresses.

What’s your unicorn NtN piece?

It was the Grace Dress but we were lucky enough that a mystery nester sent us one and I’ve also been lucky enough to purchase one from the amazing Naomi. Our new unicorn is the very gorgeous Heavenly Rose Suspender Skirt.

What are you hoping to learn from this journey? 

I’m looking forward to learning what goes on behind the scenes, on how the decisions are made on what items and fabrics will be used in the releases and getting to know the amazing team who brings us all the gorgeous items.

What was your initial reaction to being told you were chosen as NOTM?

I couldn’t believe it, I was so surprised and excited and between us I squealed, did a little happy dance and got teary but I am so very grateful to have been chosen for this amazing opportunity. I’m also nervous and hope we do well in this role!

No need to be nervous Merindah! 

We are here with you and looking forward to taking this journey together xx

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