Nester Of The Month

Introducing our Nester of the Month:

J O   D E Z W A R T   &   L E X I 

When did you first become a member of NTN? 

I first became a member on the 10th June 2018, but I didn’t post, and just admired the beautiful clothes from afar. In August I won a pair of harems from Natalie beehag, and didn’t put them on Lexi til October and that’s when I fell in love with the brand even more, the quality is amazing

Do you remember your first ever purchase and what it was? 

My first ever purchase was with the encouragement of Nicole Barcham hehe, I loved the surprise of the lucky dips. I bought two and received a pair of suspender shorts and ruffle bums. 

How old is/ are your children and what are their names?  

I have two children, my son Coby is 6 and Lexi is 2. 

My insta handle is @jo_dezwart. 

What’s your favourite NTN collection piece? 

My favourite NtN piece- I don’t think I could choose, I absolutely love all of it, it would be like choosing my favourite child hehe.  However I am quite partial to the molly seaside romper. 

What’s your unicorn NTN piece? 

My unicorn piece would have to be the Blue sky ruffle pinny, such an amazing mix of colours

What are you hoping to learn from this journey? 

Oh so much, I am really excited to learn more about what happens behind the scenes. The different processes that happen, like how the fabric is picked and the style, designs etc. I’m excited to learn how to take better photos with an uncooperative subject lol.  Also I’m so so excited about our collaboration piece and the process behind that too. 

What was your initial reaction to being told you were chosen as NOTM? 

Haha, I had just got back from playgroup and had a bit of a headache, and feeling a bit off when Bee messaged me.  I thought she wanted help to get a surprise for someone lol, then when she told me I had been chosen, I started crying and couldn’t type yes I would love too cause I couldn’t see lol. Then when I could finally type back, I was still crying but doing a little happy dance called the Walter Houston dance ( hehe google it, then imagine me doing it) 

“I hope this is ok hun, I can be long winded” 

Jo- you are nothing short of perfect and we wouldn’t try to change you for the world! Please do not hesitate to be yourself on this journey! 

As far as we are concerned - Come as you are and we welcome you with our arms wide open! 

Congratulations once again!

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