Add A Lucky Dip Item To Your Order -  000 to 8yrs

Add A Lucky Dip Item To Your Order - 000 to 8yrs

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PLEASE NOTE:  We don't make any profit on these, most of the time we actually make a loss as we sell these well under our cost price so please only purchase a lucky dip to add to an existing order. (one lucky dip per item purchased - accessories not included). Thank you.

Your lucky dip item may be an item in stock, a one-off sample, an item from a past season or even an unreleased product. 

This is for people who love a little surprise at a tiny price! 

For little girls only!

If in doubt please upsize ~ We cannot give you measurements as items may be different in every package.

100% Handmade in Australia 

Please Note: 

Lucky dip items are not exchangeable or refundable, you are taking a happy gamble! Due to the nature of these items we can't make sure that you don't already own one of these, please know that this is a risk that you are willingly taking. 

If you purchase more than one lucky dip in the same transaction we will try our very hardest to make sure that you receive different items - This will however depend on stock availability and so may not always be possible.

If your lucky dip is not suitable you are welcome to sell it in our preloved album in our Facebook VIP Group but you must wait until Reveal Day Wednesday (approx 1 week after the date of the original purchase) - This is to ensure that the surprise is not spoiled for others who may be receiving the same item(s) in their package. 

Discounts are not applicable on lucky dip items. 

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