Zaylie Tiered Dress - Gypsy Floral - 1 to 8yrs

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Just hear those sleigh bells jingle-ing, ring-ting tingle-ing, too

Come over- it's lovely timing for another release with you.. 

(Admit it- we all know you sang that instead of reading it ??) 

Christmas is finally coming

The time is nearly here 

Our team is looking forward to

The festive season cheer

What could be more exciting?

What do we love the best?

Nurture the Nest’s beautiful 

Zaylie Christmas dress! 

Named after the little Nester 

It was first inspired by

Mama Kathryn has impeccable taste 

Because it’s now the apple of our eye. 

Perfect for poolside summer fun

Its darling and oh so sweet

In a never before released style

It really is a treat! 

Saying no to this release

Might take all of your strength

When finally we tell you about 

The cute and quirky - baby doll length! 

If you find your Nester

Is on the taller side 

We recommend you do size up 

To suit their longer strides

This is such a funky piece

Not made for Christmas alone

It can be worn for months or even years

When the Festive cheer has gone!  

Handmade in Australia - Exclusive to Nurture the Nest 

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