Mystery Olivia Rae Item Revealed - 0 to 5yrs  - OOP fabric

Mystery Olivia Rae Item Revealed - 0 to 5yrs - OOP fabric

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Our NOTM item sure was a hoot

Charlotte & Hayley’s official debut 

We loved it so much and knew you would too 

Even if we didn’t give you any big clues 

This week there’s no hiding, the secret is out 

Because you are going to go crazy- without any doubt 

What fabric is making a comeback- a one night only event 

A FINAL return of one of the best fabrics yet 

The colour is a secret until reveal day

But the fabric is none other than OLIVIA RAE 

A beautiful mystery item in sizes 0 through to 5 

Exclusive to the nest, it is absolutely divine 

This week’s mystery item 

Is definitely true to size

Be sure to shop your usual for the perfect fit

As soon as they arrive!

At only $35, it couldn’t get any better than that 

Or maybe it could- we know it’s a fact! 

10 matching hair bows will be up for grabs 

You’d better be fast, if one you plan to nab! 

This is the very very last of Olivia Rae now

It has been so popular, it sure has made us proud 

For your chance to get, a final piece of its history

Then join us Wednesday night- you know where to be! 

Handmade in Australia - Exclusive to Nurture the Nest 

Please Note: Mystery items are not exchangeable, you are taking a happy gamble! We request that mysteries are not to be gifted or sold in our VIP Facebook group until 24hrs after Reveal Day Wednesday. 

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