Lucky Dip Package -  $100 + Value!!
Lucky Dip Package - $100 + Value!!

Lucky Dip Package - $100 + Value!!

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You are purchasing a package of mixed goodies priced well below cost - This is an absolute bargain and the most amazing way to grow your Nurture the Nest collection.

We are very generous with our lucky dip packages and you will find a mix of wonderful items in each package. 

If you are new to our Nest this is an incredible way to start your collection.

All items are 100% Handmade in Australia 

Please Note: 

Lucky dip packs are not exchangeable or refundable, you are taking a happy gamble! Due to the nature of these items we can't make sure that you don't already own one of these, please know that this is a risk that you are willingly taking. As these are pre-packed in advance if you purchase more than one pack you may run the risk of receiving two of the exact same packs so it is always a good idea to buy across different sizes.

If your lucky dip package is not suitable you are welcome to sell it in our preloved album in our Facebook VIP Group. You can sell it as a pack or as individual items.

As these are priced well below cost already additional discounts are not applicable on lucky dip items. 

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